The best cheap MTBs under 500

The mtb and xc market in general has seen a gradual increase in prices in recent years.

The reason for this lies mainly in the fact that some components are actually more expensive such as hydraulic disc brakes.

Those who work in a cycling shop like me realize that, more and more often, those approaching this discipline are looking for bikes between 500 and a thousand euros and it is not always easy to satisfy them.

Let’s see how to find a good compromise between price and quality.

The rules for finding best mountain bikes under 500

The first rule is not to aim at the brand.

We often turn to illustrious and noble houses hoping to find a higher quality.

Although for many top models there is really a greater attention to detail, one cannot hope to find economic models of these producers or risk being disappointed by the product that does not reflect the sisters of the higher end.

Remember that these products also have the cost of the brand in the price.

Obviously in this price range you can’t look for a carbon frame.

Although the aluminum frame will not be equally light but remember that half the weight of the bike given by the components. It will therefore be preferable to use an aluminum bike with better components than one in carbon but mounted with basic components.

Let’s take an example: the air fork is a component that we can now find on many aluminum bikes and I assure you that the weight difference between these models and spring forks is really important.

The frame must be hardtail.

If we don’t have big back problems that prevent us from using a front it is useless to go in search of full suspended bikes.

In fact, with the same quality, these frames will be much more expensive and usually heavier than a hardtail.

We also think that if we go on the range we will surely not be looking for a bike with racing characteristics and able to tackle routes that are too demanding and uneven.

Surely this price range is reserved for those who are about to buy the first MTB.

A personal advice that I often give you also my clients is that the first bike must also attract aesthetically.

He has to send us something and make us feel satisfied with the purchase. In short, it must give us that added value also to the view.

Bicycle rental in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s love for bicycles originated several decades ago. Even when owning a car in the world has become commonplace, Holland refused to follow this trend, mainly because of its flat landscape and the authorities’ determination to create the perfect bicycle infrastructure. Nowadays, just a few steps away from the central station, you can observe a continuous stream of cyclists of all ages and professions - from strictly dressed businessmen to parents with small children. And we can say with confidence that today Amsterdam is the most convenient city in the world in terms of using bicycles. That is why bicycle rental is the easiest and budget way to get around the city and mingle with the locals.

Amsterdam - a city built for bicycles

Rent a bike in Amsterdam to use your time in the city with maximum benefit. Cycling in Amsterdam is not only a cheap and affordable, but also a safe way to travel. The length of the city’s bicycle lanes is impressive - as much as 400 km is more than the distance from Amsterdam to London! What to speak about trips with a breeze through the famous cobbled streets of the city along its beautiful places and canals. Amsterdam offers so many interesting activities and places if you are cycling around the city, but first you need to get this type of transport. Fortunately, Amsterdam has a terrific selection of bike rental agencies and agencies.

Where in Amsterdam you can rent a bike

Many of the main attractions of Amsterdam can be viewed on a bicycle in one day, which is very convenient, because, as a rule, you can rent a bicycle for 24 hours for only 11-15 euros. Listed below are some of the largest rental locations in the city:

•Yellow Bike Amsterdam : this rental is easy to find just three minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station. The company’s business card — bright yellow bikes — is simply impossible not to notice, and besides, the yellow bike is great for beginners, as the locals will know that you are most likely a tourist.

•MacBike Amsterdam: This is one of the largest and oldest bicycle rental networks in Amsterdam, with six locations ideally located in the city center. Approximately 150,000 customers a year explore the capital for more than 2,000 MacBike bikes, and the company also offers several interesting bike tours.